Dynamic timelines and impeccable task management

“Putting it together in a way that makes sense...”

Making sure vendors, partners, and clients know where they need to be, when to get there, and what they oughta be doing.

ThymeBase brings all your events together

Take control of your workload - ThymeBase is a single place for managing every event, every task and every tiny little detail that goes into creating unique experiences for clients.

A project management tool built specially for events
  • Quickly sort your tasks by the due date, category, or status and get work done the way that suits you.
  • Tasks that make space for important details like vendor, location, reference images, and contracts.
  • Be productive anywhere, any time. ThymeBase is designed to be awesome on your laptop and your phone.
  • Two-click event duplication lets you build your own templates and keep relevant task due dates.
ThymeBase event planning software task list
Perfect clarity and confidence on the day of the event
  • Share a cloud-based timeline with vendors, clients, and anyone else who needs to be in the know.
  • No more updating everyone just because something changed by 10 minutes. The timeline updates automatically.
  • All the vital information right at your fingertips, including phone numbers, locations, reference documents, and detailed notes.
ThymeBase event timeline
We’re improving ThymeBase. Every. Single. Day!
  • Calendar sync
  • Seamless email integration
  • Team collaboration
  • Build your network

Check out the new features we're working on and what's coming up in our roadmap.

Help shape ThymeBase by sharing your ideas and feedback. Email us at [email protected].

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Committed customer support

The ThymeBase team is dedicated to helping you razzle-dazzle your clients with your efficiency and organization.

Clutter-free workspace

No noisy, kitchen-sink clutter. We promise a focused, easy-to-grasp toolkit that won’t take you hours to learn.

Unlimited file storage

Store as much as you’d like. And as large as you’d like. Ain’t no one gonna cramp your file style.

Customer support with skin in the game

Any question, any time, no matter what, you’ll always get a speedy response from a team member.

White-Glove Onboarding
If you’d like someone to take you through ThymeBase, show you the ropes and help get you set up, just say the word. Even on free accounts!

We’ll help you get started fast
Have an event you’re working on? We’ll manually move your tasks from anywhere else into ThymeBase. With pleasure!

You get a say too
Look, we’re a startup, and you’re a special kinda person - an early adopter. Your feedback will have a real impact in shaping ThymeBase.

ThymeBase customer support

We care about you and your data

We use ThymeBase ourselves and we protect your data as if it were our own. We take every precaution to ensure that your information is safe. And your client’s and vendor’s information too.

Learn more about ThymeBase’s security

ThymeBase cares about your data
ThymeBase logomark

Totally free. No credit card needed to start. Straight up.

Worried about moving your active events over to ThymeBase? No problem. We’ll do it for you. Email us and we’ll import your events and templates totally for free.