An Event Timeline Maker That Updates Automatically

Create detailed, multi-day event timelines and share them via PDF or with a link that updates immediately.

Easy-to-read timelines

Create templates

Updates automatically

Share via URL or PDF

100% mobile-friendly

Include files, links and more

Add your branding

Multi-day timelines

Easy to build, easy to read, easy to share

A shareable timeline that communicates information clearly to clients and vendors? Yup, that’s ThymeBase.

Designed for Busy Humans
ThymeBase timelines look great and have all the vital information. Designed and pressure-tested by event planners like you.

Build Timeline Templates (Or ask us to build one for you)
Clone event timelines in one click. And all times and dates get instantly recalculated.

Share Timelines That Auto-update
So you made a change? No worries. Each shared timeline has a unique URL that updates for everyone, automatically.

But Also, One-Click PDF Downloads
Want to print out a hardcopy? Download a well-formatted pdf in a single click.

ThymeBase event timeline

Rich Timelines That Kick Spreadsheet’s Ass

Timelines aren’t only about start times. ThymeBase’s timelines contain way more information that fits into an Excel row.

100% Mobile Friendly
Fully functional mobile-first design so you can build, view, and update timelines on the go.

Rich Timeline Items
Attach files, create headings, add hyperlinks, and build lists. Include visual references, contracts, and whatever else.

Brand Your Timelines
Each timeline is topped by your logo or that of your clients. Coz it’s the little things that matter.

Multi-day Timelines
And if the event runs across multiple days, no problem. ThymeBase’s event timelines are powerful enough to rock multiple dates.

ThymeBase timeline on a phone

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