Teamwork makes for exceptional events. Build your team to collaborate on timelines, complete tasks, and share files. Tell me more.

Built from the ground up with no preconceived notions
and no unnecessary features.

Meet ThymeBase

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Our Story

ThymeBase began as a discussion amongst friends. A what-if turned into why-not. The idea that we could help event professionals feel totally in control.

If you’re an event planner, a vendor or supplier, on a small or grand scale, we hope you'll try ThymeBase. We made it with people like you in mind. Whoever you are, we help people navigate immovable deadlines and a myriad of must-dos. And we provide a place to bring it all together for flawless day-of execution.

We know the last-minute changes and split-second pivots that occur during events. We’ve been there. While others merely say “the show must go on,” we know what it really takes to actually pull it off.

Having the confidence to roll up your sleeves and just take care of it is what separates you (and us) from those who throw up their hands and walk away saying, "not my problem".

You don’t walk away.

And that’s why we’re building ThymeBase.

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The ThymeBase Team


David Jacobson

Chief Executive Officer

David’s favorite wedding was Deans wedding.


Chris Spring

Chief Technology Officer

As a love struck teenager, Chris staged a fake wedding. He still blushes thinking about it.


Liz Sdregas

Chief Product Officer

Marathon sessions of “Say Yes to the Dress” with Jenna, when they were roommates, is definitely paying off.


Dean Levitt

Chief Operating Officer

At Deans wedding he was chauffeured by Elvis in a pink Cadillac. It broke down.


Eric Degboe

Lead Developer

Eric believes everyone should dance at parties


Jerry Adaji

Lead Front End Developer

Was so busy at his sister’s wedding, Jerry missed the photoshoot.


Tal Berman

UI/UX Designer

A designer, an actress and a mom. Every day is an event.