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Choose from our library of free event templates or create your own from past events.

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Create your own templates

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Auto-calculate due dates of tasks

Get started faster with custom templates

Hit the ground running whether cloning past events, or choosing a template from our library.

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Launch new events in seconds

It takes one click to spin up a new event to-do list and timeline. Add the new name and date. We’ll do the rest.

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Create your own custom event templates

Turn your past events into a templates. You can keep details like location and contacts as part of the template or start fresh each.

A free library of event planning templates icon

A free library of event planning templates

We’ve worked with over a hundred event planners to build a library of templates for a range of personal and corporate events.

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Auto-calculate cuts down in busy-work

We might have mentioned this before, but it’s just too cool. We’ll update all your due dates based on the new event date. Yay, efficiency!

Working on your phone can be genuinely productive

Take a template and make it yours

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Make events repeatable

You’ve got your process down. We’ll help make your process repeatable.

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Instant client engagement

It’s super easy to go from a template to displaying tasks in the client portal. Try it!

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Unlimited templates

There is absolutely no limit to the number of templates you can store.

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Request special templates

We’ll build you a new expert template for any type of event, cultural or corporate.

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Taylor Strope

ThymeBase is a great tool to keep all your events organized and continuously updated so you have the most efficient and updated timeline for your clients. I highly recommend this program!

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Taylor Strope

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Free Forever

Plan unlimited %{event_name}, and manage tasks and timelines. Free forever. No credit card needed.

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